• The Turin Book Fair kicks off.

    Mattarella: "A priceless good book"

  • Turin, the Book Fair is back in attendance


October 16, 2021It is a real assault on the Book Fair, with long queues at the doors, which began an hour before the opening. In line, in an orderly way, young and old, all with Green pass and ID.

Many names are expected on the third day, with many meetings that are sold out. Expected Alberto Angela, Carlo Verdone, Stefania Auci who is at the top of the best-selling books, Antonio Manzini, Marco Malvaldi, Maurizio De Giovanni, Max Pezzali, Cesare Cremonini, Alessandro Cattelan, Asia Argento, Zerocalcare, Domenico Starnone and, in connection online, Covid prophet David Quammen, author of Spillover.

Lagioia: incredible atmosphere

"The definitive numbers will be given on Monday, but for now we can say that the result goes far, far beyond our wildest expectations. We began to realize this on Thursday, when it was really exciting to see so many people, on Friday we had confirmation. , but today it was really an explosion. "

Thus Nicola Lagioia, director of the Book Fair, comments on the great success of the event, on its third day.

"We had to manage - explains Lagioia - a very important flow of visitors, readers and readers. Not only the numerical dimension is important, but also the spirit that animates this Salone. People are happy to meet again, to meet the authors, there is it is an atmosphere, an incredible energy from a symbolic point of view that has a very strong connection with reality. The most beautiful sign of the restart not only in Turin ".

"It is the first international event linked to publishing of this size to be held in Europe, perhaps in the world, after the pandemic. Even the publishers, who I meet in the stands, are very happy with how it is going, some are incredulous, it was not not obvious, moving the show from May to October, including Green pass, booking recommended ".

"We bet seven months ago for a big show, full of publishers and writers, and the facts are proving us right, not to us but to the whole community of the Salone. Upon returning to the scene, the Salone has found a world ready to embrace it" .

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