Surprised by what they saw at the world exhibition

A Brazilian couple kicks off their retirement with a visit to the Expo.

The couple: “Expo 2020 Dubai” has a special taste, and this is what made us repeat the visit.

Photography: Emirates Today

Yesterday, a Brazilian couple caught the attention of visitors to Expo 2020 Dubai, while they were taking souvenir photos in front of the UAE pavilion. The Pulsating Expo” Al Wasl Square.

(Eli - 66 years old) and his wife (Fanny 66 - years) told "Emirates Today" that they decided to start their retirement by visiting new regions, and they chose Dubai to visit the World Exhibition, but they were surprised by what they saw in it.

They added that they are visiting the exhibition for the second time, despite arriving from Brazil only five days ago, noting that they were very impressed with everything they encountered in the exhibition.

Fannie said she did not expect the architectural splendor of the country pavilions, and that the surprise made her and her husband feel a kind of magic.

And she continued, "Although we only visit the UAE for 10 days, but we visited Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and many wonderful attractions in Dubai, most notably the Museum of the Future, the Dubai Frame, and the Dubai Mall."

She said that "Expo 2020 Dubai" has a special taste, and this is what made them repeat the visit.

The couple, who are retired, plan to visit Dubai Marina, Burj Al Arab, and many other places before their imminent return to Brazil.

Eli expressed his great admiration for the UAE in general, and Dubai in particular.

He said, "This is our first visit to the UAE, and we are very happy with it, and I expect that we will come here again."

And he talked about the suites that he visited with his wife, Fanny, and said: "We visited the Brazil pavilion, of course, and frankly, I did not like it much compared to what other countries offer. As for the pavilions that we liked, they are the Emirates, Kazakhstan, Germany and the United States of America, and we plan to visit the pavilions of South Korea, Saudi Arabia and Morocco."

He continued, "The atmosphere in Dubai is great, and we are both enjoying, and we are trying to take advantage of every opportunity available to us to see more places, sites and suites."

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