A SBS correspondent met with lawyer Nam Wook, one of the key figures in the Daejang-dong development project.

Attorney Nam-wook, the owner of Cheonhwa-dongin No. 4, told SBS reporters that he met in front of his San Diego house, "He said that he wanted to become the president of Seongnam Ceramics if Lee Jae-myung, the mayor of Seongnam Urban Development Corporation, was re-elected."

Lawyer Nam also said, "It was natural for Mayor Lee Jae-myung to say that he should be re-elected as a person who was involved in the business at the time."

According to a transcript released by Rep. Kim Eun-hye of People's Strength on the 15th, lawyer Nam met with accountant Jeong Young-hak and residents at the Daejang-dong Urban Development Promotion Committee office on April 30, 2014.

In the 58-minute recording file created at this time, Attorney Nam said, "From my point of view, if Mayor Lee Jae-myung becomes (re-elected), the (Daejang-dong) business will proceed very quickly, and it may take some time if it is someone else. In the process of negotiating again…” he said.

He also said, "I heard that there is a story about the next president and the president of the construction company if he is re-elected again," he said.

Lawyer Nam continued, "No, it's a good cause. In the state of being transferred. It means that the transfer has been completed now. The corporation can exercise all authority." If I become this president…”

Rep. Kim Eun-hye pointed out that, "If (Mayor Lee Jae-myung) is re-elected, there will be a story about Daum (Seongnam Urban Development) Corporation President (Director Dong-gyu Yoo)."

The recording was made on June 4, 2014, about a month before the local election, and Seongnam City and Seongnam Urban Development Corporation had already signed a consignment contract for the Daejang-dong Industrial Complex 1 combined urban development project.

The governor was re-elected, and President Hwang Moo-seong resigned in March 2015 after serving three years.

Former general manager Yoo served as acting president of Seongnam Urban Development Corporation, which became vacant due to President Hwang's resignation from March to July 2015, when the development of Daejang-dong was in full swing.

Attorney Nam returned his old passport to the Consulate General of Los Angeles on the 15th and was issued an emergency passport, and it is known that he will take a return flight on the night of the 16th local time.

The interview with Attorney Nam-wook will be delivered in detail today on SBS 8 News.

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