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first official meeting between President Moon Jae-in and Democratic presidential candidate Lee Jae-myung is expected to take place on Thursday or Friday next week. It is also noteworthy what role Lee Nak-yeon, former president of the Democratic Party Election Committee, will play.

This news is from reporter Yoo Soo-hwan.


Democratic presidential candidate Lee Jae-myung is known to have worked hard to prepare for the Gyeonggi state audit scheduled for next week on the 18th and 20th without a separate external schedule today (16th).

The People's Power is preparing for a general offensive, such as relocating a member of the Daejang-dong striker to the Gyeonggi-do National Inspectorate.

Candidate Lee's strategy is to counter fire by saying that 'the body of suspicion is the power of the people'.

[Lee Jae-myung / Democratic Party Presidential Candidate: I thought it was a good opportunity to show how much the power of the people has ruined the country, how unfair profits have been obtained through real estate speculation, and how much deceitful politics have been used to deceive the people. )]

The first official meeting between the president and the ruling party presidential candidate is expected to take place after the Gyeonggi National Inspectorate, although Lee attended an event presided over by President Moon Jae-in the day before as Gyeonggi governor.

Regarding the timing of the meeting, a passport official said, "It is realistic to be around the 21st or 22nd, which is neither too urgent nor too late."

Candidate Lee is expected to step down from the Gyeonggi governor after meeting with President Moon.

The Democratic Party is also working behind the scenes to form the 'One Team Election Countermeasures Committee'.

Song Young-gil and Lee Hae-chan, former and current CEOs, are likely to be mentioned as the permanent election chairperson, and the biggest interest is whether former CEO Lee Nak-yeon will take over as the election chairperson.

The former representative said that it still takes time to comment on the composition of the previous squadron.

As the chairman of the Strategic Planning Committee, people who are not pro-Lee Jae-myung, such as Choi Jae-seong, former chief of political affairs at the Blue House, and Kim Min-seok and Hong Ik-pyo, are being considered.

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