Last month's retail sales in the United States increased 0.7% from the previous month, rising for the second straight month, suggesting that consumer spending is resilient amid the spread of mutant virus infections.

Last month's retail sales, announced by the US Department of Commerce on the 15th, were $ 625.4 billion, or about 71 trillion yen in Japanese yen, up 0.7% from the previous month.

Sales have increased for the second straight month, surpassing market expectations of a decrease from the previous month.

The breakdown is increasing in a wide range of fields such as "food and drink / bars", "clothes / accessories", and "sports / hobby goods".

In the United States, the spread of Delta strains continued to increase the number of newly infected people on the 1st to more than 100,000 last month, but the movement to regulate economic activities again has not spread, and personal consumption seems to be firm. increase.

However, in response to this increase in demand, the US economy is facing the challenges of product shortages and prolonged price increases due to the unresolved disruption of the supply chain, which is the supply network of logistics and factories, and has an impact on personal consumption. Is also a concern.

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