• Leioa The student who shot his college bought the hunting gun from an 'ertzaina'


judge on duty in Getxo

(Bizkaia) has ordered the release with charges of the Physics student who last Wednesday walked through the

Faculty of Sciences and Technology

of the Bizkaia campus of the UPV / EHU, in Leioa, firing shots with his shotgun hunting, although he has ordered his

"non-voluntary" admission to a psychiatric center

to have his metal status evaluated.

This is

one of the precautionary measures

adopted by the judge who was on duty this Friday at the Getxo Courts (Bizkaia) where the young student has been taken after spending

two nights in Ertzaintza offices in Bilbao

, they have informed EFE judicial sources.

The same sources have indicated that, after this decision, the UPV / EHU student

remains at the disposal of the specialists of the psychiatric center

in which they have entered, who should assess their mental state and initiate some type of treatment, if they consider it. .

The Getxo judge has also agreed

to notify him of the student's discharge

when it is going to take place, in order to assess the opportunity thereof.

The magistrate has also decreed the

prohibition of approaching any facility of the University of the Basque Country

(UPV / EHU) and has withdrawn the weapons permit that had been obtained this summer at the Civil Guard Command of San Sebastián.

Research sources have reported that the main hypothesis of the attack against the Faculty in which he was studying is considered to be

the fact


the young man only intended to cause damage to the academic institution's facilities

but that he did not intend to cause personal injury.

On Wednesday afternoon he went to campus with a shotgun and fired more than 20 times, first at the windows from the outside and then inside the Faculty of Science and Technology where he was studying, at various objects.

During the attack, he

tried to reassure people on campus by repeating that "this is against the University"

and that he did not want to hurt them.

After that episode, the young man fled the campus unarmed, heading for the La Avanzada road through the small botanical garden or Arboretum that exists at the back of the Faculties of Sciences and Technology and of Medicine and Nursing, and shortly after he was arrested by Ertzaintza agents.

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