The crimes must have been committed on several different occasions - from 2018 until March 2021 when the man was arrested by the police.

Four women must have been exposed, one of them twice.

According to the lawsuit, the man must in all cases have boarded a bus and then pressed his gender against the women who are aged 17-24.

- He denies the crime, but otherwise I do not want to comment on the matter further, says the man's defender Anders Rosenhall.

As part of the evidence, there are, among other things, two bus surveillance videos that are said to show when the man presses his sex against different women.

According to the preliminary investigation report, a bag is used to hide what is happening to other travelers.

"It escalated"

During questioning, a vulnerable woman told the following.

- At first it was less noticeable but then it escalated.

I felt the contour of his sex.

Furthermore, the police also found films in the man's mobile phone where he filmed women's buttocks at bus stops.

- It is something of a fetish, the man is said to have said in one of the police interrogations.

The man was arrested after a person followed him in connection with him trying to harass some women on a bus.

Police were called and during the arrest, the man began to tilt his arms and wave them at the police patrol.

Therefore, he is also suspected of violent resistance.

The man has previously been convicted of sexual harassment on buses in southern Sweden in 2012 and 2013. At that time, about ten women were exposed.

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