Louis de Raguenel 10:13 a.m., October 15, 2021

While his good momentum in the polls worries the side of the National Gathering, Eric Zemmour will meet Friday and Saturday two close to Marine Le Pen, Gilbert Collard and Robert Ménard.

If it is too early to speak of reconciliation, the latter want to calm relations between their candidate and the polemicist.


Very political trips. While he remains high in the polls, and is even given in the second round against Emmanuel Macron by a Harris Interactive survey, Eric Zemmour goes to Nîmes on Friday to his friend, the MEP RN Gilbert Collard, before a stopover on Saturday in Montpellier, then in Béziers, with Robert Ménard, another close to Marine Le Pen. If he officially goes there for signing sessions and lectures to promote his latest book, Eric Zemmour will therefore meet two relatives of the candidate of the National Rally, whose presidential campaign is in difficulty by the rise of the polemicist. 

Should we see in this a beginning of union?

We cannot yet speak of rapprochement, but rather of small steps.

Gilbert Collard wants to create "bridges" between Éric Zemmour and Marine Le Pen.

For the MEP, who will spend an hour face-to-face with the journalist, "at some point, depending on what history decides, each will need the other," he adds . 

"Stop shooting yourself"

Same story for Robert Ménard who will welcome Eric Zemmour on Saturday.

The mayor of Béziers has been pleading for the union of the rights for 10 years.

He went to see Marine Le Pen at her home last Sunday to explain to her what he will also say to Eric Zemmour: "Stop shooting yourself, don't make things irreversible". 

Zemmour targeted by several death threats.

According to information from Europe 1, Eric Zemmour has received several death threats for this trip.

In addition, several ultra-left and anarchist associations, or even the MJS, organize demonstrations in Béziers to prevent the holding of the signing session of Eric Zemmour.

On the spot, the intelligence services fear white-hot activists wanting to do battle with the journalist.

A stroll in the streets of Montpellier was finally canceled in favor of an activist meeting. 

Finally, Gilbert Collard and Robert Ménard took care of organizing a meeting in Nîmes and Béziers with elected officials and business leaders.

Sponsorships and money ... Everything a candidate needs, even if Éric Zemmour is not yet.

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