• Milan.

    Quarrel with knife in car, wife disarms husband and kills him

  • Cagliari, husband kills his wife with stabs then attempts suicide


October 15, 2021 A man and a woman of Romanian origin were found lifeless in an apartment in a building on Via Tagliamento in Montesilvano, near Pescara.

The hypothesis followed at the moment would be that of a murder / suicide.

The woman's screams would have alarmed the neighbors, who raised the alarm.

Carabinieri, Fire Brigade and 118 doctors intervened on the spot, but there was nothing more to be done for the couple.

The facts early this morning.

A neighbor reported seeing the man, a 50-year-old Romanian worker now on layoffs, accompany his 10-year-old son to school.

Then according to what was reconstructed, he would return home.

The Carabinieri were alerted by the neighbors who heard the two arguing in the house.

Second, another summary reconstruction, the man allegedly took the 40-year-old woman by the throat and after realizing that he had killed her he would have taken his own life with a knife.

The neighbors describe the couple as "quiet", a good family, he is a hard worker.

The inspection of the public prosecutor of Pescara, Fabiana Rapino, has already been carried out.

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