The lifeless body of a sixty-year-old was found at the bottom of a well in a field in Courpierre (Puy-de-Dôme) on Tuesday.

The man, originally from Thiers, had been missing since September 29 after going to look for mushrooms, says

La Montagne


An important search device had been deployed after the disappearance of the 62-year-old man: gendarmes, firefighters, hunters, volunteers… A call for witnesses had been launched and a helicopter and a drone had been used.

The metal plate of the well moved

“It was the owners of the field who sounded the alert, after noticing that the metal plate of this very little used well had been moved.

It is not known whether it was the victim himself who abducted it or whether it was an accident.

It may never be known, ”said the prosecutor of the Republic of Clermont-Ferrand, Eric Maillaud, to France 3 Auvergne Rhône-Alpes.

An autopsy of the body was to be performed Thursday but no suspicious trace has yet been identified.

The criminal trail would not be considered.

Suicide, accidental fall or discomfort are mentioned.


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