Friday, October 15, at the end of the morning, a cubitainer of 800 liters of sulfuric acid was accidentally overturned in Cours Lafayette, in the 3rd arrondissement of Lyon.

Its highly toxic content spilled almost entirely onto the roadway and into the sewers.

Traffic was cut off and a security perimeter was installed.

Three slightly injured people had to be taken care of, and two of them taken to hospital for examinations.

The firefighters carried out a vast operation to dilute the pollution: 60,000 liters of water were needed to dilute the acid, reports

Le Progrès.

Safe for the natural environment

The accident was due to "a bad maneuver of the transporter", declared the Metropolis of Lyon in a press release, while the barrel was unloaded from a truck.

"The network being exclusively unitary, there is no possible discharge into the natural environment in dry weather like today," said the press release.

This acid, "intended for the Part-Dieu urban heating and cooling network plant", is used to lower the pH of the water and limit the grading of the production system of the cooling network supplying the building. Part-Dieu sector.

Traffic resumed at the end of the afternoon.


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