• Surprises Ernesto de Hannover, in love with Pitita Ridruejo's daughter

  • Jet set The millionaire and emotional legacy of Pitita Ridruejo: friend of presidents and intellectuals and even a militant of the Virgin Mary

Little by little, the streets are taking the new pulse to normality and, with it,

sentimental relationships

that until now had gone unnoticed or were not known

to flourish

. This is the case of

Ernesto de Hannover

(67) who, even being married to Carolina de Mónaco, has shown himself to be very affectionate in Madrid with

Claudia Stilianopoulos

(48), the youngest daughter of Pitita Ridruejo, a key figure in international high society thanks to her marriage to Philippine diplomat

Mike Stilianopoulos.

The Stilianopoulos-Ridruejo have always displayed

great discretion


exquisite education,

avoiding at all times any type of public appearance except when their mother opened the doors of her

mansion in the Salamanca district

for those dreamy postings to which we were accustomed to the greeting magazine, which is the one who has echoed the new couple of the fall.

Claudia is the most


of the three children of the late marriage (Carlos is a banker and Ana worked in the Marbella Town Hall) since

her great passion is the arts.

Claudia and her mother, Pitita Ridruejo, at the funeral for her father.

With the

sculpture she

became known for her

large volume figures

and for making certain works with recycled materials that the young woman used to collect on the street and then adapt them to

3D printers.

One of the most important fairs in which he has participated has been Art Basel Miami. He has also opted for


, a hobby that his father loved but could not develop, with which he

has great success

since his mini works can be purchased from 800 euros, up to 7,000 euros for the largest pieces .

Raised in an

elitist, polycultural and multilingual environment,

Claudia (familiarly they call her Clo) has always tried to maintain a low social profile, avoids cocktails, went

without television for six years

and has never bought press, although her mother collected magazines in which it appeared.

She did not inherit the Marian passion, but she did admit to EL MUNDO that as a child she did not see the Virgin, but she

did see a miracle.

Ernesto from Hannover, this summer in IbizaGTRES

She was

married to the conceptual artist Juan Garaizábal,

grandson of the founder of Viajes Marsans, who helped put Casa deClo on track as curator of its facilities at the national and international level.

They had two daughters,

Olivia and Casilda.

In 2012, Garaizábal rebuilt his life with María León-style communication and public relations advisor,

daughter of the Marquis de la Cañada, whom he married in the Lebrija Palace in Seville.

That day the couple

won the sympathy

of all when they left their wedding party.

Six months later, they divorced.

Ernesto de Hannover has been married

since 1999 to the daughter of Grace Kelly and Rainier III of Monaco despite his

public scandals

caused by his addiction to drinking.

Carolina has spent many years attending social events with the status of royal highness,

a title that would disappear

from her ancestry

if she agreed to a divorce


Here is the passport to the cream of the great royal families who always saw Monaco as an operetta city-state.


of them enjoy their grandchildren as a result

of the children of other relationships.

According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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