Anais Cordoba, edited by Laura Laplaud 12:06 p.m., October 14, 2021

The flagship title of the Rolling Stones, "Brown Sugar", arouses controversy.

The lyrics, which explicitly refer to slavery, are accused of racism.

The members of the group, currently on tour in the United States, have made the decision to no longer perform this song on stage.

The Rolling Stones, currently on stage for their

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, have decided to stop playing one of their most iconic songs:

Brown Sugar


A choice half assumed by the members of the group.

For good reason, the lyrics written by Mick Jagger are accused of racism.


Daily Mail

explains that "this classic has been disturbing in recent years".

One of the Rolling Stones' greatest hits

It is one of the Rolling Stones' greatest hits.

And yet, some describe the song's lyrics as vulgar, sexist, and extraordinarily offensive to black women.

On the BBC website, an influential American producer even believes that this song written in 1971 by Mick Jagger glorifies slavery and child crime. 

The Independent

quotes Keith Richards, the guitarist of the Stones, who says he does not understand the controversy surrounding the song since the text denounces "the horrors of slavery".

The 77-year-old artist therefore hopes to replay it one day.

But the daily recalls that Mick Jagger admitted in 1995 that today, he would no longer write such words.

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