• The spectator with the sign "Opi Omi" which had caused a massive fall on the Tour de France will be judged this Thursday afternoon before the criminal court of Brest.

  • Aged 31, she will appear for "endangering others" and "unintentional injuries".

  • During her custody, she had expressed "a feeling of shame and fear in the face of the media coverage of the case".

She was for a few days the most wanted woman in France.

But no longer supporting the media pressure, she finally presented herself to the gendarmerie of Landerneau (Finistère).

Become famous for its sign "Go Opi Omi", which caused a massive fall in the peloton on June 26 during the first stage of the Tour de France between Brest and Landerneau, the young woman in the yellow oilskin has an appointment in court this Thursday afternoon.

Aged 31 and living in northern Finistère, she will appear before the Brest criminal court for "endangering others" and "involuntary injuries" resulting in incapacity for work "not exceeding three months".

She incurs for these facts up to 15,000 euros in fine and a one-year prison sentence.

Three runners involved in the fall had given up

While the peloton was driving at a brisk pace less than 50 kilometers from the finish, judged at the top of the Fosse aux Loups in Landerneau, the young woman, who had her back to the race, held up a sign in order to pass on the television.

The German cyclist Tony Martin could not avoid the cardboard sign and had involved many riders in his fall.

Several of them had been injured and three riders had been forced to retire, among them the German Jasha Sütterlin of the DSM formation.

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The organization of the Tour de France had initially announced its intention to file a complaint against the young woman before giving it up to "calm things down".

The international organization Professional Cyclists Associates (CPA), however, maintained its complaint.

"It was a really irresponsible action," said Laura Mora, secretary general of the only association of racing cyclists recognized by the International Cycling Union (UCI).

A loving message to his grandparents

The affair of the sign having become a real affair of state, the public prosecutor of Brest had held a conference at the end of the custody of the young woman.

The latter then expressed "a feeling of shame and fear in the face of the media coverage of the affair".

"She seems overwhelmed by what she calls her stupidity," said Camille Miansoni.

It all started with a good feeling, since the sign "Allez Opi Omi", which means "Go grandpa grandma" in German, was addressed to her grandparents, her grandmother being of Germanic origin.

"She was trying to send an affectionate message to her grandparents, who are unconditional viewers of the Tour de France", explained the prosecutor.

Contacted by AFP, Me Julien Bradmets, lawyer for the young woman, said he would not communicate on this case.

From a source close to the case, he could plead the poor organization of the race and the lack of security.

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