, Johannesburg, October 14 (Reporter Wang Xi) South African police reported on the 13th: In a special operation against illegal abalone smuggling, the South African police destroyed a number of illegal outlets and seized a total value of more than 2,000. Wan Lan Te (about 10 million yuan) abalone.

  According to data provided by authoritative international organizations, in the past 17 years, the value of illegally smuggled South African abalones has reached an astonishing 96 million rand (approximately RMB 48 million); each year, about 6 million abalones are illegally taken off the coast of South Africa. Export.

Therefore, in recent years, the South African government has always maintained a high pressure on the illegal smuggling of abalone and has severely cracked down on it.

  The reporter was informed that in this special operation, after rigorous investigations, the South African police united with other departments in South Africa to launch a special operation against illegal abalone smuggling in the Belleville area in Cape Town on the evening of the 12th.

Law enforcement officers have investigated and dealt with as many as three illegal abalone processing outlets. A total of 9 suspects were arrested by the police for operating illegal abalone processing facilities in the Belleville area.

  According to South African police statistics, the value of the abalone seized in this operation is about R2020 million, which is a law enforcement operation with a relatively high value of cracked cases this year.

The suspect will appear in court within this week and will be severely punished by the law.


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