China News Agency, Jiuquan, October 14 (Mar Shuaisha) The press conference for the manned mission of Shenzhou 13 was held at the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center on the 14th.

The reporter learned from the meeting that China will launch the Shenzhou 13 manned spacecraft at 0:23 on October 16, three astronauts will stay in orbit for the first time for 6 months, and Chinese female astronauts will be stationed in the Chinese space station for the first time. Wang Yaping will become China's first female astronaut to leave the cabin.

Photo source of Wang Yaping: China Manned Space Engineering Office

  Lin Xiqiang, deputy director of the China Manned Space Engineering Office, said that the Shenzhou 13 manned mission is the sixth mission in the key technology verification phase of the China Space Station and the last mission in this phase. The main purpose is to develop the robotic arm auxiliary section. Key technology tests for the assembly and construction of space stations such as transposition and manual remote operation; carry out 2-3 trips out of the cabin, install large and small robot arms and double-arm combination adapters and suspension devices to prepare for subsequent space station construction tasks.

  Lin Xiqiang said that the Shenzhou 13 mission will further verify the health, life and work support technology of astronauts in orbit for 6 months; conduct scientific and technological experiments and applications in the fields of aerospace medicine and microgravity physics, and carry out diversified science education. Activities; comprehensively assess the functional performance of each system of the project to perform space station missions, as well as the compatibility between systems.

  "The China Space Station is not only a research platform for global scientists to carry out space science, space technology, and space applications, but also a practical platform to encourage young people to love space, participate in exploration, and pursue science." Lin Xiqiang said, "In this mission, we planned more With various forms of popular science education activities, I believe that Teacher Wang Yaping will soon bring you the second lesson in space."

  When talking about the difference between this mission and the "Shen XII" mission, Lin Xiqiang pointed out that the manned spacecraft will adopt an autonomous rapid rendezvous and docking method to dock the space station radially for the first time; by then, the Chinese space station will realize the core cabin, two cargo spacecraft, A manned spacecraft has a combined operation of 4 aircraft; the astronauts will stay in orbit for the first time for 6 months, which is also the normal residence period of the astronaut crew during the operation of the space station.

  Lin Xiqiang also said that Chinese female astronauts will be stationed in the China Space Station for the first time, and Wang Yaping will become China’s first female astronaut to leave the capsule. The Shenzhou 13 crew will include the male and female astronauts who leave the capsule for the first time in China; On this basis, more space science experiments and technical experiments will be carried out to produce high-level scientific results; the spacecraft and rockets carrying out missions will be directly transferred from the emergency standby state to the launch state at the launch site.

  It is reported that the "Shen XIII" astronauts stationed in the core module will work and live in accordance with the synchronization system of heaven and earth. About 6 months later, they will take the spacecraft and return to the Dongfeng landing site.


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