, October 14th. According to the WeChat public account "Philippines Express" of the Philippines "World Journal", on October 13, local time, the spokesperson of the Philippine Presidential Office and Government Interdepartmental Anti-epidemic Team said at a press conference. : Since October 14th, passengers who have entered the “Green Channel” (countries and regions where the Philippine government has lifted the travel ban) and are fully vaccinated with the new crown vaccine will no longer need to go to the designated quarantine point for quarantine after they arrive in the Philippines.

  Locke pointed out that fully vaccinated foreigners must undergo a nucleic acid test within 72 hours before leaving their country of origin and submit a negative result test report after entering the Philippines.

  Locke said at the meeting: "Passengers no longer need to be quarantined at designated quarantine points after arriving in the Philippines, but they are required to conduct self-management for 14 days and closely observe whether they have any symptoms."

  Locke also stated that fully vaccinated inbound passengers can choose to go to a designated isolation point for nucleic acid testing upon arrival, and leave the isolation point until a negative test result is released; or obtain a negative nucleic acid test report within 72 hours before leaving the country of origin. Board the plane to the Philippines and manage it for 14 days after entering the country. If you have symptoms, you can report to the relevant agency.

  Locke pointed out that for individuals who have not been vaccinated, partially vaccinated, their vaccination status cannot be verified, have been vaccinated but have not been tested as required before traveling, they should go to the designated isolation point for 4 days of isolation and conduct a nucleic acid test on the fifth day. The results You can leave the isolation point only after being negative.

  At the same time, Locke also said that for minors who have not been vaccinated or partially vaccinated, if they travel with their fully vaccinated parents or guardians, they should comply with the quarantine regulations corresponding to their vaccination conditions. During the child’s isolation, parents or The guardian should accompany the child in the designated isolation point.

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