Lawyer Peter Plasman is going to file a report against Sywert van Lienden and his business partners on behalf of people who say they have been defrauded in the face mask deal in which the political commentator, activist and lobbyist earned 9 million euros.

The lawyer did give Van Lienden

the opportunity



to avoid a lawsuit by returning the money obtained.

"If he returns it, we are ready," said Plasman on behalf of the people who reported to him because they feel cheated by Van Lienden. The lawyer says he has the support of comedian Youp van 't Hek to collect the money for the legal costs of the plaintiffs through a possible benefit campaign.

"Filing a declaration does not cost a cent," says Plasman. "If there are civil proceedings, that could be a different story."

Van Lienden and his business partners signed a deal with the Ministry of Health.

They received more than 100 million euros in tax money for about 40 million mouth caps.

It was one of the largest face mask deals in the corona crisis.

Those involved made a profit of about 28 million euros.

Some of the mouth masks have been rejected by the RIVM because they contain graphene.

So far none of the caps have been used.

The Chamber asked Van Lienden to refund the money, but he did not grant that request.

The entrepreneur wants to invest the money and use the returns to support charities.

However, intended recipients such as KiKa and KWF Kankerbestrijding made it known that they were not interested in Van Lienden's money.

In the aftermath of the deal, Van Lienden canceled his membership of the CDA.

The former CDA MP Pieter Omtzigt said at the beginning of October that he was misled by Van Lienden about the deal.

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