A resident of a retirement home in Trégor (Côtes-d'Armor) is suspected of having introduced tranquilizers into the water jug ​​of another resident.

The 67-year-old man would have had a dispute with his victim, an octogenarian, reports

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The staff of the home had been alerted by the condition of the old lady after a meal in June.

She was much more sleepy than usual.

The employees had therefore increased their surveillance and observed the same state of lethargy a month later, still after eating.

Finally, a similar incident occurred in September, on another resident who was not the main target.

Molecules found in his room

Residues found at the bottom of a water jug ​​were analyzed.

These are tranquilizers.

The Perros-Guirec gendarmerie brigade, in charge of the investigation after the complaint lodged by the octogenarian, quickly identified the suspect.

The Saint-Brieuc prosecutor's office tells our colleagues that a search made it possible to "find in the room of the accused the molecules identical to those found in the water jugs".

The 60-year-old, who still lives in the retirement home but under close surveillance, is being prosecuted for "administering harmful substances to a vulnerable person".

Neither resident who ingested the anxiolytics suffered any sequelae.


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