Chinanews, October 14th, a comprehensive report, recently, international energy prices have risen rapidly, and European governments have increased pressure.

On the 13th, the European Union announced a series of short-term measures to cope with soaring energy prices and discussed whether the European Union will jointly purchase natural gas in the future.

On the other hand, Russian President Putin said on the 13th that Russia will not use natural gas as a weapon and is ready to help ease the European energy crisis.

Soaring energy prices

EU helps member states respond

  The European Union announced on the 13th a series of measures to cope with soaring energy prices. It is recommended that member states assist in the solution through subsidies, tax cuts and delayed payment of electricity bills in the short term. In the medium and long term, it will explore whether the EU will jointly purchase natural gas.

  Since the fall of this year, international energy prices have risen rapidly, and European governments have increased pressure.

The European Union said on the 13th that because energy prices are expected to continue to rise this winter, it provides policy recommendations called a "toolbox" to allow member states to respond to current price increases in order to reduce the impact on European people.

  In terms of short-term measures, the EU emphasizes that it is mainly used during periods when energy prices continue to soar.

Member states can subsidize families and small businesses that are experiencing difficulties to pay electricity bills, or approve them to postpone the payment of electricity bills; they can also temporarily exempt or reduce taxes on various fuels such as electricity, natural gas, and coal.

  As for medium- and long-term measures, the EU stated that it will strive to build a more rapid response energy system, in addition to supporting investment in renewable energy and energy efficiency; explore possible measures for the EU to jointly store and purchase natural gas; and evaluate current electricity Market design.

  One of the more eye-catching is that the European Union will explore whether it can jointly purchase natural gas, just like the joint purchase of vaccines during the new crown crisis.

However, as the European Union stated, there is no risk in energy supply at present, and market prices are expected to stabilize in April 2022. Therefore, some European countries have stated that they should not go too far on energy issues at this time.

  Although the EU has announced a series of measures to recommend to all member states to implement, it is ultimately up to each country to decide whether to adopt it.

Putin responds to European gas shortage

Saying that Russia will not use energy as a weapon

  When Europe is in a natural gas shortage crisis, Russian President Putin pointed out on the 13th that Russia will not use natural gas as a weapon and is ready to help alleviate the European energy crisis.

  Reuters reported that Putin said at an emergency meeting in Moscow that the natural gas market is imbalanced or unpredictable, especially in Europe.

Russia is fulfilling its contractual obligations to provide customers with natural gas and is ready to increase supply if customers request it.

  On the 5th, Putin said at the Russian government's energy development conference that he could increase the supply of natural gas to the European market to calm the current speculation and hype in the European market.

However, the increase in natural gas is not in the spot market, but in the futures market in St. Petersburg.

  In addition, Putin also refuted the allegations that Russia used energy as a weapon on the 13th. He claimed: "This is just a politically motivated figure without any basis."

  Earlier, European politicians accused the Russian government of using the natural gas energy crisis to exert influence, but the Russian government has repeatedly denied this accusation.

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