China News Agency Peter the Great Bay Nanchang guided missile destroyer, October 14 (Reporter Sun Zifa) The Sino-Russian "Maritime Joint-2021" joint military exercise opened on the afternoon of October 14, local time in the waters near Peter the Great Bay, Russia.

  The spokesperson of the Chinese Navy, Lieutenant Colonel Liu Wensheng, said that this is a normal arrangement made by the Chinese and Russian navies in accordance with the annual plan.

China and Russia set up joint directors in their respective formation command ships. Rear Admiral Bai Yaoping, deputy navy commander of the Northern Theater of the Chinese People's Liberation Army, and Rear Admiral Kabantsov, commander of the Russian Pacific Fleet's coastal mixed zone fleet, jointly acted as the exercise directors.

  In this exercise, the Chinese participating forces were from the navy in the eastern, southern and northern theaters, including the Nanchang ship, Kunming ship, Binzhou ship, Liuzhou ship and other new guided missile destroyers, the "Dongping Lake" integrated supply ship, and fixed-wing anti-submarine patrols. Russia’s participation in the exercise includes large-scale anti-submarine ships, new frigates, fixed-wing anti-submarine patrol aircraft, and carrier-based helicopters.

  The two sides will mainly focus on communication exercises, formations passing through mine threat areas, elimination of floating mines, formation air defense, sea shooting, joint maneuvering, joint anti-submarine and other subjects.

The exercise was held in the context of a major change and a pandemic. For the first time, a multi-type platform such as a Chinese destroyer of 10,000 tons and an anti-submarine patrol aircraft went abroad to participate in the exercise.

  Liu Wensheng stated that the exercise aims to consolidate and develop China-Russia comprehensive strategic partnership in the new era, strengthen strategic mutual trust between the two parties, deepen friendly and pragmatic cooperation, temper the combat capabilities of the troops, and improve the navies of the two countries to jointly respond to maritime security threats and maintain regional peace and stability. ability.

  Liu Wensheng pointed out that the "Sea Joint" series of exercises are the largest maritime exercises within the Sino-Russian bilateral framework, and have been held 9 consecutive times since 2012.

After years of running-in joint maritime exercises, the two sides have gradually formed a more mature and standardized implementation method of joint exercises on the basis of a high degree of mutual trust and in-depth cooperation. The Sino-Russian maritime joint exercises have become a way to enhance the level of strategic mutual trust between the two countries and the two militaries and enhance the navy. The traditional friendship between the two countries, the stable cooperation platform and communication channels for training and enhancing the ability of joint maritime operations have attracted more and more attention from the international and domestic countries, and have formed a strong "brand" effect.


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