Since 2015, the police list the areas in Sweden where criminals have a special impact.

The list is divided into three categories, from the mildest category "vulnerable area", then comes "risk area", and then the most serious category "particularly vulnerable area".

Araby in Växjö has for several years been included in the most serious category "particularly vulnerable area", but is now classified according to Ekot's information down to the category under, "risk area".

Distribution of police resources

The purpose of the police list is to be able to allocate resources in the work against organized crime in Sweden, but also to increase awareness of where in the country there are problem areas.

The police do not want to comment on the development of the individual areas for SR Ekot, but confirm the overall changes in the list.

- By seeing a positive development in the vulnerable areas, we see that there is good hope that growth in criminal environments will decrease.

But it is of course a long and solid job that remains, says Linda H Staaf, head of the police intelligence service to SR Ekot.

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