A teacher, also a municipal councilor of the town of Bédarieux, in the Hérault, was indicted on the heads of detention, supply and availability as well as imports of pornographic files featuring minors.

He was imprisoned in the wake of the freedoms and detention judge.

The central group of minors victims of the central office for the repression of violence against persons (belonging to the central direction of the judicial police) spotted this 36-year-old man following an Internet watch.

According to these specialized investigators, the technical investigations would have made it possible to demonstrate that he had detained, downloaded and made available files containing images and videos of a child pornography.

Attraction to young men and adolescents

Arrested on October 11, he allegedly admitted "having a sexual attraction to boys aged 16 to 18 and having uploaded

some pornographic images featuring minors


peer-to-peer networks

but that he had immediately erased ”, explains the public prosecutor of Béziers, Raphaël Balland.

"The first operations of several computer and telephone elements seized at his home made it possible to confirm his sexual attraction to young men and adolescents".

The oldest downloads were from 2015. He faces a maximum penalty of 5 years imprisonment and a fine of 75,000 euros.


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