Washington stacked the New York Rangers in their home trough with clear numbers of 5-1.

Capitals ’number one star, Aleksandr Ovetshkin, 36, immediately hinted at his hand on speeches that the mood of an aging superstar would already be clotting.

Ovetshkin made the powers 2 + 2 and immediately took control of the top spot on the points exchange.

The captain's compatriot Yevgeny Kuznetsov accompanied with three entry points.

With his goals, Ovetshkin rose to fifth place in the NHL's all-time goal statistics after Marcel Dionne.

Next in line for the 732 goal Russian star is Brett Hull, who has a distance of nine hits.

Rangers' Kaapo Kakko got responsibility with both force and underpower and clocked the ice time for more than 17 minutes.

With five shots, Kakko had the hardest shot from his team but failed to open his points account yet.

The All-Time Paint Exchange

  • Wayne Gretzky 894

  • Gordie Howe 801

  • Jaromir Jagr 766

  • Brett Hull 741

  • Alexander Ovetshkin 732

  • Marcel Dionne 731

  • Phil Esposito 717

  • Mike Gartner 708

  • Mark Messier 694

  • Steve Yzerman 692

  • Ovetshkin also signed a five-year extension agreement with Washington in the summer.

    During that time, he should score an average of 32.8 goals per season to reach Gretzky.

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