A 20-year-old driver who caused an accident has been acquitted after eight teenagers in Malaysia were hit by a car and died. 

According to foreign media such as Malaysia's The Star on the 10th local time, the Johor Bahru High Court acquitted 26-year-old woman A, who was accused of killing eight people in a car accident, the same as in the first trial. 

On February 18, 2017, at around 3:20 a.m., Mr. A was driving a car on a mountain hill in Johor Bahru, and crashed and killed 8 teenagers who were riding bicycles in front of him. 

Prosecutors said that the accident occurred due to Mr. A's careless driving, and charged Mr. A with a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison and a fine of RM20,000 (about 5.74 million won). 

However, Mr. A countered, "I climbed a winding hill at dawn, so visibility was not secured." 

The court said, "At the time of the accident, Mr. A did not use alcohol or drugs, nor did he use a cell phone. As a result of the road safety laboratory test, Mr. A's vehicle at the time was found to be running at 44.5 km or 75.8 km per hour." could not prove that he was driving dangerously." 

He added, "It was a dark road in the early morning hours, and it would have been difficult to predict that there would be people riding bicycles because it was a hilly road with many curves." 

In response, netizens criticized the court's ruling, such as "Eight people lost their lives, but they're innocent" and "If the judge had been a survivor, would they have pronounced not guilty?" 

On the other hand, some showed mixed reactions such as "If it were the same situation, anyone would have had an accident" and "It is unfortunate that the victims died, but the driver also seems unfair." 

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