A dog that caught the signs of seizures in the owner suffering from epilepsy in advance and threw his whole body to protect the owner is becoming a hot topic. 

According to foreign media such as US Newsweek on the 11th local time, it was reported that a dog named 'Max' had a lot of popularity on social media after foreseeing the signs of seizures of Mr. Tina, the owner, and trying to protect the owner. 

Tina, who lives in the United States, recently caught an unusual behavior of her dog Max while washing the dishes.

Max, who had been lying on the floor as usual, abruptly got up and started disturbing Tina-san's dishes.

Max showed signs of anxiety, smelling all over Tina's body.

Eventually, she stood up with her front paws on the sink and appeared to be trying to get Tina's attention.

▲ Max shows anxious behavior, such as standing with his front feet in the sink and hovering around his owner.

Embarrassed by Max's unusual behavior, Mr. Tina repeatedly instructed Max to go down, but Max tried to keep Mr. Tina away from the sink.

Tina, who eventually stopped washing the dishes, bent over to hug the anxious Max, but her body did not listen.

Because at that moment the symptoms of seizures appeared. 

▲ When the owner loses his focus and collapses, Max throws himself to support the owner.

Seeing Mr. Tina lost and trembling, Max supported his master with his body, and slowly fell down so that Mr. Tina could safely reach the floor. Tina was able to avoid serious injuries thanks to Max's actions.

Max's actions were captured on the camera Tina had set up to film Max's training session.

Tina said, "I got over the crisis thanks to Max, who first noticed and supported something that I didn't even feel."

Max is said to have become a 'support dog' after training for Tina, based on research showing that dogs can detect signs of seizure-related smells. Support dogs are trained to warn people before they start having seizures in people with epilepsy and to get people to a safe place. It is also said that Max had been undergoing this training for several months.

Epilepsy is a type of neurological disorder commonly known as 'epilepsy'. The main symptoms include irregular and repetitive seizures, which are known to show various forms, from partial seizures in which the body trembles in a conscious state to generalized seizures that may cause loss of consciousness and difficulty breathing.

Tina, who has suffered from epilepsy since 2001, lost her memory after suffering a severe seizure in August 2018. Tina said, "I lost 40 years of my life to a seizure. I don't know who I am." He expressed his special affection.

The video is gaining popularity with over 7 million views on TikTok.

Netizens who saw the video showed various reactions, such as "Max is a very attentive puppy", "How did he know the signs of a seizure", "Max is better than a human", etc.

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(Photo = TikTok 'tina_n_max')       

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