Both Gërmo B. and Moreno B. will appeal against the thirty-year sentence that the two men received on Monday for the murder of lawyer Derk Wiersum.

The lawyers of the suspects informed about this on Wednesday.

The lawyer of Gërmo B., Jacques Taekema, says that his client maintains that he is innocent and that he was therefore wrongly convicted.

Gerald Roethof, who assists Moreno B., has the same story.

"My client has always said that he did not commit the homicide in which Derk Wiersum died."

The appeal is not unexpected.

Both men maintained throughout the trial that they had nothing to do with the murder.

After the verdict, Roethof already said that in his view the judge had reached a conviction too easily.

According to the court, there is sufficient evidence that both men were in a white Opel Combo on the day of the murder.

It is the car in which the perpetrators fled on September 18, 2019, after one of the occupants had shot and killed Wiersum in front of his home in Amsterdam.

It is not possible to determine who the shooter was, according to the court.

The then counsel for crown witness Nabil B. in the Marengo trial died on the spot.

The motive for the murder was never clear, the court said.

The Public Prosecution Service (OM) assumes that Wiersum was shot because of his work for Nabil B. That was also the reason for the judiciary to demand life.

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