Kyodo News reported that President Moon Jae-in will have his first phone call with Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida today (14th).

Kyodo News reported that, citing several Japanese government officials, the two leaders are adjusting their schedule for a phone meeting that day.

If the call is made that day, it will be the first contact between the leaders of South Korea and Japan since Prime Minister Kishida took office on the 4th.

As Prime Minister Kishida, Moon will be the seventh foreign leader to speak on the phone since taking office.

The last contact between the leaders of South Korea and Japan was when former Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga had a face-to-face meeting with President Moon at the G7 summit held in Britain in June.

Former Prime Minister Suga, who took office in September last year, had his first phone call with President Moon on the ninth day of his inauguration.

Accordingly, if Prime Minister Kishida and President Moon speak on the same day, the first call will be delayed by two days compared to when Suga took office.

During the first call, the two leaders are expected to discuss issues related to issues between the two countries, such as litigation for compensation for labor victims and comfort women.

However, Prime Minister Kishida repeatedly declared his intention to adhere to the Japanese side's existing position on issues related to Korea and Japan.  

(Photo=Courtesy of the Blue House, Yonhap News, Getty Image Korea)

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