China News Agency, Taipei, October 13. According to a survey released by the Taiwan Golden Car Cultural and Educational Foundation on the 13th, about 90% of young people in Taiwan use mobile phones, and more than half of them use mobile phones for more than 3 hours on weekdays.

More than 30% of young people will feel anxious when there is 60% to 80% battery remaining on their mobile phones.

  According to media reports such as the Central News Agency and "United Daily News", the Golden Car Cultural and Educational Foundation conducted a sample survey of the mobile phone usage of nearly 9,000 students from the fifth grade to the third grade in high school.

According to the survey, most elementary school students in Taiwan use mobile phones for less than one hour, junior high school students for one to three hours, and high school students for three to five hours.

On holidays, the use time will be longer.

64.3% of young people consciously increased their mobile phone time due to the impact of the new crown epidemic, 25.1% increased the number of online shopping, and 24.2% increased the number of online food orders.

  The survey also found that 47.7% of adolescents are anxious because their mobile phones cannot access the Internet, 35.4% are troubled by the slow speed of their mobile phones, and 50.5% of adolescents cannot leave their phones for more than 8 hours.

  Chen Jianzhi, deputy chief executive of the Golden Car Cultural and Educational Foundation, analyzed that "inorganic panic" has appeared among Taiwanese teenagers, and mobile phone dependence is common.

At the survey press conference that day, the Golden Car Culture and Education Foundation also called for "technological detoxification" and "rejection of digital dependence".


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