William Shatner, a 90-year-old actor who played Captain James Kirk in the popular American drama 'Star Trek' in the 1960s, has made his space travel dream come true.

American space company Blue Origin, led by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, successfully returned home safely after launching the 'New Shepard' rocket spacecraft carrying Shatner from the Van Horn launch site in Texas on the 13th local time.

"The role of Captain Kurt has given me the knowledge that future astronauts will have, but I've always been driven by curiosity," Shatner said in a video posted before departure.

“We are just the beginning, but how amazing it is to be a part of that beginning,” he said.

This launch is Blue Origin's second space tour to the general audience.

Blue Origin launched a spaceship carrying four civilian passengers, including Bezos, on July 20, and in three months, Shatner's dream of space travel was also successful.

Shatner's space travel route was almost identical to the first flight.

It was a journey to return to Earth after experiencing a state of microgravity with almost no gravity for about 3 minutes over the 'Karman Line' at an altitude of 100 km, which is called the boundary between the Earth and the universe.

Three more people accompanied Shatner on his space journey.

Passengers are former NASA engineer Chris Boschweisen, healthcare company Glenn Dufries and Blue Origin VP Audrey Powers.

Shatner's space tour was free, but Blue Origin did not disclose how much other passengers paid for the space tour.

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