Yemeni legitimate forces regain strategic locations south of Marib

Yemeni field sources confirmed that the battles in the vicinity of the city of Marib intensified, between the Yemeni army forces and tribes on the one hand, and the Houthi militias on the other hand, today, while the government forces and tribes backed by the Arab coalition managed to regain strategic locations in the south of the governorate, and as the battles continued on the Al-Jawf fronts, The Arab coalition was able to intercept and destroy a Houthi march launched towards southern Saudi Arabia.

Field sources in the Marib governorate stated that the battles with the Houthi militia expanded on several fronts in the south, west and northwest of the governorate, and that there are qualitative advances achieved by the army and tribes with the great support of Arab coalition fighters to support legitimacy in Yemen.

The sources confirmed the restoration of the sites of Al-Rawda and Al-Qaher, and the south of the district of Al-Juba, as well as the restoration of the sites of Al-Qubeil, Al-Zahem, and Hurra, in addition to controlling large parts of the road linking Al-Juba and Harib.

The battles of the past few hours in the vicinity of Marib left 37 Houthis dead and a large number of wounded, as well as the families of 80 Houthis in qualitative luring operations, bringing Houthi deaths during the past 24 hours to 128 according to official statistics of the Yemeni army, including prominent field leaders.

For its part, the Arab Coalition to Support Legitimacy in Yemen said that it carried out 33 destructive operations for Houthi combat mechanisms in the vicinity of Al-Abdiya, south of Marib, while the coalition fighters carried out 50 air strikes in less than 24 hours on several areas between the districts of Al-Juba, Al-Abdiya and Harib, south of Marib, causing direct casualties. And left dead and wounded and destroyed Houthi combat mechanisms.

The coalition raids prompted the Houthi militia to launch a booby-trapped drone towards the Khamis Mushayt area in southern Saudi Arabia, which the Saudi air defenses were able to intercept and destroy, according to a statement by the Arab coalition today.

On the western fronts of Marib Governorate, battles and combat operations continued between the two sides on the Al-Zour, Al-Kasara and Al-Mashajah fronts, in which attacks and infiltration attempts by Houthi elements towards army and tribal positions in those areas were thwarted.

Field sources said that the Houthis incurred 17 deaths in an ambush that was set up for Houthi groups on the al-Kasara front.

In Al-Jawf, coalition fighters targeted a meeting of Houthi field leaders in the Al-Shahla area in the desert of the Khub and Al-Sha’af district, leaving dead and wounded Houthi leaders.

In Saada, the Yemeni army bombed a Houthi site in the Al-Raqq area in the Munabbih district, leaving dead and wounded African mercenaries who were gathered at the site.

For its part, coalition warplanes bombed a Houthi combat site in the Al-Zaher district, and another in the Al-Far` area in the Kataf district, leaving dead and wounded, and destroying Houthi combat mechanisms.

In Hodeidah, the joint forces thwarted Houthi infiltration attempts and movements on four fronts inside the city of Hodeidah, incurring heavy losses.

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