The decision means that Ulla Andersson will step down from the party board and the executive committee at the Left Party's congress in February.

After the election this autumn, she will also leave the Riksdag.

“It has been rewarding, educational, interesting and very nice to have the confidence to be the Left Party Gävleborg's Member of Parliament and economic-political spokesperson, I thank you for that.

Now I have decided not to run again ", Andersson writes on Twitter.

For 15 years she has been in the political hot air as a Member of Parliament and the Left Party's economic-political spokesperson.

Not standing for re-election to the Riksdag was not an easy decision.

She made the final decision this summer.

- I have wanted to go back and forth.

I have been doing something that is very rewarding and a privilege to be a part of, but there is also a longing to sleep in his bed, to have dinner with his family and to be able to plan his life.

So it is a decision that has emerged, Andersson says to Gefle Dagblad.

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