Following the Moderates' request for a so-called committee initiative, a majority of the Riksdag's parties have now supported the proposal to transfer power.

It was clear after today's meeting of the Riksdag's traffic committee.

This means, among other things, that Bromma Airport will probably remain.

- When the government repeatedly refuses to follow the order from the Riksdag to stop the premature closure of Bromma Airport, the Riksdag must act.

To secure Bromma Airport and the entire country's accessibility to the capital, we are now transferring power over the airports 'basic offer from the government back to the Riksdag, says the Moderates' traffic policy spokesperson Maria Stockhaus.

Traditionally, it is the current government that decides whether an airport should be included in Sweden's national basic offer or not.

The government's attitude has been that Bromma Airport should be closed down.

In the beginning of the autumn, an investigation was presented in which it was suggested that a liquidation would be possible sometime between 2025–2027.

Something that now does not seem to be a reality.

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