85.5% of the total population received two doses of vaccination

The Emirates is the first regionally and sixth globally in the flexibility of dealing with “Corona”

Dr. Saif Al Dhaheri: “The UAE dealt with the pandemic according to a proactive strategy and a single model.”

The UAE government announced, during the periodic briefing to introduce the latest developments and cases related to the emerging coronavirus in the country (Covid-19), that the percentage of those receiving two doses of the “Covid-19” vaccine reached 85.52% of the total population, and the UAE advanced, according to the Bloomberg index, in the classification of resilience. Countries in front of “Corona” are nine ranks compared to last August, ranking sixth globally and first regionally.

The official spokesman for the National Emergency, Crisis and Disaster Management Authority, Dr. Saif Al Dhaheri, confirmed that the UAE dealt with the pandemic according to a proactive strategy, and a single Emirati model that works according to indicators and studies approved by the state to ensure the progress of the new normal life, praising the role of all sectors, and the extent of their cooperation to reach this. The stage and results the country is witnessing today, and he also praised the public's role, awareness and commitment to various precautionary and preventive measures.

Al Dhaheri stressed that the health sector will continue its efforts to reach community immunity, by providing vaccines to groups eligible to receive the vaccination, as the percentage of those receiving the first dose of the total population reached 95.68%, while the percentage of those receiving two vaccine doses reached 85.52% of the total population, pointing out that The country continues to maintain its global lead in the percentage of people receiving vaccinations, as the UAE advanced nine ranks, according to the Bloomberg Index, in rating countries’ resilience to the “Covid-19” pandemic, compared to last August, ranking sixth globally and first regionally.

He said, "As His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, announced that we have overcome the most difficult part of the challenge, we all have to preserve the progress that has been achieved in the face of this pandemic over the past period, from While continuing to adhere to precautionary and preventive measures, and adherence to health and safety standards in all circumstances and cases, until achieving a full recovery,” he pointed out, noting the importance of all members of society joining hands to succeed in the gradual return to a new normal lifestyle.

Al Dhaheri added: “This crisis has proven that adhering to the precautionary measures had the greatest role in protecting everyone, in addition to taking vaccinations, which contributed to ensuring the health and recovery of society, so it is important to adopt habits and practices that guarantee the health and safety of everyone, such as the obligation to wear masks, and participation in Social events, while leaving a safe distance that protects against various viruses, and making sure to conduct periodic checks and maintain continuous sterilization.”

Al Dhaheri continued: "In the last period, we focused on the importance of integration and strategic balance between all vital sectors in the country, which would achieve the desired recovery goals set by working teams and committees specialized in this."

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