As Gyeonggi Governor Lee Jae-myung was elected as the 20th presidential candidate of the Democratic Party, a battle between the Democratic Party's leadership and former representative Lee Nak-yeon continues over the outcome of the primary.

On the 12th, Song Young-gil, chairman of the Democratic Party, appeared on TBS Radio's 'Kim Eo-jun's News Factory' on the 12th, and said, "There is no legal procedure to discuss again because it has already been decided by the party election committee." , "We will decide on a political basis at the Supreme Council meeting tomorrow."

Representative Song Young-gil said, "From a political point of view, both candidates Kim Doo-kwan and Jeong Sye-kyun have declared their support for Lee Jae-myung. The candidate won."

“So this is a situation that we have to conquer politically,” he said.

Also, he analyzed, "Candidate Nak-yeon Lee does not make an official statement, but it seems to be a process to appease the hearts of his supporters."

Former representative Nak-yeon Lee is raising an objection, saying that if the votes of candidates Jeong Sye-kyun and Kim Doo-gwan, who resigned midway, had not been treated as invalid, they would not have been able to obtain a majority of the votes.

Regarding this, CEO Song said, "Even if the lawyers and I review (the special party regulations), we cannot interpret it differently."It can only be interpreted as invalidating the votes already cast for the candidates to resign.”

At the same time, to the host's question, 'Is there any possibility of change?', he affirmed, "Yes."

He added, "In fact, candidate Lee Jae-myung won more than 11 percentage points."

The final voter turnout for the Democratic presidential primary was Lee Jae-myung (50.29%) and Nak-yeon Lee (39.14%).

However, Rep. Seol-hoon, the co-election chair of the former representative camp Lee Nak-yeon, is taking a hard line.

In an interview on CBS Radio's 'Kim Hyun-jung's News Show' this morning, Assemblyman Seol-hoon said, "If we just go 'Go', there will be a decisive flaw in the team." I warned you.

Assemblyman Seol said, "Originally, the finals were always decided by a few percentage points (points) difference, 1, 2% (points) difference. Even though there is a decisive story, can you go to the finals and win when the team is not working? Losing is an objective fact."

Then, targeting President Song, he poured out sharp criticism, saying, "Who created the source of the division of the party? No matter who sees it now, President Song is not fair and biased toward one side. It has been like that from the beginning."

In particular, in response to yesterday's remarks by Chairman Song, "A military coup occurred when the Democratic Party split," he said, "At what time are you talking about a coup d'etat? Proof that you are doing it.”

Rep. Seol replied, "If the claim to cancel the invalidation vote is not accepted, do you consider an injunction request or a constitutional complaint?"

In addition "I mentioned the possibility of Lee Jae-myung's arrest earlier. When asked, "Do you have any plans to correct it?", he said, "I don't want to correct it."

(Photo = National Assembly Photo Reporters, Yonhap News)