(Conference on Biological Diversity) Secretary-General of the United Nations: COP15 is an opportunity for mankind to stop fighting against nature

  China News Service, Kunming, October 12 (Reporter Chen Su Zhang Dan) UN Secretary-General Guterres stated on the 12th that the 15th Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity (COP15) is for humans to stop fighting against nature. Opportunity.

On October 12, Kunming, Yunnan, outside the meeting of the 15th Conference of the Parties of the United Nations "Convention on Biological Diversity", the five-star red flag and the United Nations flag were waving in the wind.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Cui Nan

  At the 15th Conference of the Parties Leaders Summit of the Convention on Biological Diversity held that day, Guterres delivered a video speech.

  He said that in the past two centuries, human activities that destroy nature, such as burning fossil fuels, polluting the oceans, and degrading land, have led to biosphere disasters, which have imprinted a permanent imprint on nature. Humans are facing apocalyptic species extinction. Compared with the average level of 10 million years, the rate of swiftness is thousands of times faster. There are more than 1 million species at risk, and some species may even become extinct within a few decades.

  "By 2030, the collapse of the global ecosystem may cause nearly $3 trillion in losses each year, and the poorest and most indebted countries will be the most affected." Guterres said.

  COP15 is hosted by China, during which the "Post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework" will be formulated to point out the direction for global biodiversity conservation in the future.

  In response to the formulation of this framework, Guterres proposed to “act boldly” in five major areas: First, the framework must support the legal rights of all people to enjoy a healthy environment, including the indigenous people who know most about biodiversity; second, the framework must Support national policies and plans aimed at solving the problem of biodiversity loss, especially unsustainable consumption and production; third, the framework must promote the transformation of accounting systems at the national and global levels, reflecting the true impact of economic activities on nature and climate; It is to provide a package of support to developing countries, including important financial resources and technology transfer; the fifth is to end unreasonable subsidies for agriculture and other fields, and transfer relevant funds to the field of ecological environment restoration.

  "COP15 is an opportunity for mankind to stop fighting with nature. By 2030, the situation must be reversed and the world we want to be built." Guterres said, an ambitious, efficient, clear goal and clear standard "global biology after 2020." The “diversity framework” can bring people and nature back on track. The framework also responds to the Paris Agreement to address climate change, as well as other multilateral agreements related to forests, desertification, and oceans.