In Russia, the number of deaths per day due to the new coronavirus is more than 970, which is the highest ever, and the spread of infection is becoming more serious.

Putin has expressed a sense of crisis about the lack of progress in vaccination, saying that the pace of vaccination needs to be accelerated.

In Russia, the number of people infected with the new coronavirus per day started to increase again from the middle of last month, reaching more than 28,000 on the 12th, and the death toll was 973, the highest ever. I did.

Under these circumstances, President Putin spoke to a member of the Diet who was elected in the parliamentary elections last month, saying that the infection is spreading all over the country. I know. I need to accelerate the pace of vaccination. "

He urged lawmakers to actively engage in awareness-raising activities for vaccination.

In Russia, domestic vaccines such as "Sputnik V" have been approved, but there is still a deep-rooted distrust among the people.

According to the government, only about one-third of the people have been vaccinated in Japan, and the current situation is that vaccination is not as advanced as in Western countries, which is a form that putin a sense of crisis for President Putin.

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