An emergency meeting of the G20 summit = summit of 20 major countries was held online on the night of the 12th over the situation in Afghanistan, and Prime Minister Kishida provided humanitarian assistance totaling about 22 billion yen and shared issues with the international community. He expressed his intention to take further measures against a certain terrorism.

Prime Minister Kishida explained that Afghanistan is facing a serious humanitarian crisis and that Japan will provide a total of approximately 22 billion yen through international organizations.

After strongly condemning the attacks that killed many civilians at the local mosque on the 8th of this month, we will work with the people concerned to further tackle counterterrorism, which is a common issue of the international community. I showed my thoughts.

"Protecting the human rights of all Afghanistan, especially the environment in which women can learn and work, is essential for the future development of Afghanistan," he said.

Finally, Prime Minister Kishida said, "If Tullivan protects people's rights and secures inclusive political processes, the human resources, funds and support needed to rebuild the country will be returned and it will be in our own interests. The international community should work together and persistently on this point. "

This is the first time that Prime Minister Kishida has participated in an international conference since taking office.

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