Prime Minister Kishida will appear on TV Asahi's "Hodo Station" on the night of the 12th, and will strive for a "world without nuclear weapons" based on a relationship of trust with the United States, which is the only ally and the largest nuclear power. Shown.

In this, Prime Minister Kishida pointed out that "it is important for a country without nuclear weapons to talk about its ideals, but if the country with nuclear weapons is not moved, the reality will not change by one step."

On top of that, "The United States, the only ally, is the largest nuclear-weapon state, and we will strive to be as close as possible to the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, aiming for a" world without nuclear weapons "based on a relationship of trust with the United States. Japan is ideal. It is important to sweat concretely while talking about. "

Regarding relations with China, he said, "Stability is important, but I have to say. It is Japan's position for a while to consider Japan-China relations within this balance."

Regarding economic policy, Prime Minister Kishida explained that the basic idea of ​​"new capitalism" is to realize a virtuous cycle by carrying out growth and distribution in collaboration with the public and private sectors.

On the other hand, he said that there was a gap between the opposition party's remarks about financial income taxation and the contents of the LDP presidential election. I told you. "

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