North Korea's General Secretary Kim Jong-un spoke at an exhibition of missiles and other weapons and called on North Korea to talk. "There is no reason to believe that it is not hostile." I blamed him.

The Workers' Party of Korea's Rodong Sinmun newspaper, dated 12th, reported that on the 11th, the "National Defense Development Exhibition", a collection of weapons developed over the past five years, opened in North Korea, and General Secretary Kim Jung-eun made a speech. I did.

Various weapons are exhibited at the indoor venue, including ICBM = intercontinental ballistic missile-class missiles and weapons that look like hypersonic missiles that were tested in September.

In his speech, General Secretary Kim accused the United States of calling for dialogue with North Korea, saying, "We have been constantly signaling that we are not hostile to our country, but there is no credible basis." Did.

Furthermore, regarding South Korea, he said that he was developing missiles and bringing in various advanced weapons with the support of the United States. It has become clear. "

It seems that North Korea aims to continue to strengthen its military power by showing off its latest weapons at a large-scale exhibition in the presence of General Secretary Kim.