, October 12th. According to the website of the Ministry of Education, recently, the Department of Out-of-school Education and Training Supervision Department of the Ministry of Education, through the Ministry of Commerce and Civil Affairs, the Social Organization Administration Bureau, and the State Administration of Market Supervision, has issued a special notice on the work For non-" work, optimize the registration work process and accelerate the progress of the work to make deployment.

The notice clearly stated that existing training institutions should suspend enrollment and charging before completing the registration of non-profit institutions.

  The notice emphasized that the schedule should be reversed.

All regions are required to do a good job in mapping the total amount of training institutions in the region to be registered as non-profit institutions, establish a work ledger, firmly grasp the time node of completing the registration work before the end of 2021, reverse the schedule, refine the tasks, and clarify the timetable , The road map, the implementation of wall chart operations, the goal is to push the progress, the time to push the procedures, and the supervision to push the implementation to ensure that the registration work is completed on schedule.

Existing training institutions should suspend enrollment and charging activities before completing the registration of non-profit institutions.

For existing training institutions that have not chosen to register as non-profit institutions, a deadline shall be set, and when the date expires, the education department shall terminate its school qualifications or adjust the content of the school in accordance with the law.

  The notice is clear and the process should be optimized.

All localities are required to fully learn from good experiences and good practices, and continuously optimize the registration process of “business reform to non-business operations” such as renewal, registration and modification, and cancellation.

One is to apply for a new certificate.

Existing offline for-profit training institutions apply to the original approval authority for renewal of a new school permit, and at the same time hand over the restoration of the school permit; after approval in accordance with laws and regulations, the approval authority reissues the new school permit, and cancels or changes the original school permit in a timely manner .

The second is to apply for registration of non-profit organizations.

According to the Provisional Regulations on Registration and Management of Private Non-Enterprise Units, existing offline for-profit training institutions hold renewed school permits to apply to the civil affairs department at the same level for the registration of private non-enterprise units as legal persons, and the civil affairs departments strictly review and register according to laws and regulations.

The third is to change the business scope or cancel the registration.

The school approval authority shall inform and urge the training institution to apply for the change of the business scope of the business license or the cancellation of registration within 7 working days from the date of cancellation or change of the school permit, and notify the result in time after completion.

  The notification requires that work responsibilities should be compacted.

The uniform registration of off-campus training institutions for students in the compulsory education stage as non-profit institutions is a basic work of the "double reduction" work regarding the management of training institutions, and it is related to the implementation of the government-guided price and charging policy for subject training in the compulsory education stage. It is related to the efficiency of the clearance and rectification of the illegal listing of training institutions, and the effectiveness of strictly controlling the excessive influx of capital into training institutions. All localities must attach great importance to the realization of the recognition, the measures in place, and the responsibility in place to ensure that the relevant tasks are not compromised and the relevant tasks are fully completed. .