You don't have to do everything the same, not even in the EU.

The fact that France, unlike Germany, relies on nuclear energy for climate protection is a path that could still pay off for our most important partner.

Leaving the disposal issue aside, there is hardly a faster and more economically attractive way to improve the CO2 balance in the energy supply.

No wonder that Macron is now relying on massive expansion;

he knows he is in good company internationally.

New nuclear power plants are being built in many countries, and the Fukushima accident did not shock other societies as much as ours.

The German special path, which the next federal government will certainly continue, is a big bet that a highly developed industrial country that is in fierce international competition can get out of coal and nuclear power at the same time.

CDU Chancellor candidate Armin Laschet often pointed out the dimensions of this challenge during the election campaign;

but just as the voters did not want him as a person, he also did not get through with his issues.

Nuclear power is not an ideal source of energy, but it would have had the potential in Germany to facilitate the transition to a decarbonised age.

If the Germans lose their bet, then they will have to import nuclear power from France or coal power from Poland.

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