Democratic presidential candidate Lee Jae-myung said that he would receive a Gyeonggi state audit as governor of Gyeonggi. He said he would not avoid the offensive of the Daejang-dong development allegation that came out of the seat of the National Assembly. The Democratic Party leadership held a party debate today (13th) and put an end to the controversy over invalid votes.

This is reporter Kang Min-woo.


Democratic presidential candidate Lee Jae-myung, at an emergency press conference, declared that he would normally receive the Gyeonggi state audit on the 18th and 20th as incumbent governor of Gyeonggi.

[Lee Jae-myung / Democratic Party Presidential Candidate: My basic position is to fulfill my responsibilities to the fullest extent possible as governor of Gyeonggi-do. And that position remains unchanged.] Although

he understood the party leadership's invitation to focus on the presidential election after an early resignation, he said that he would decide on the matter of resigning from the governorship after the National Inspectorate.

It is a declaration of a head-on breakthrough against the opposition's wave of suspicions of a major move.

Candidate Lee's position is that there is no disadvantage for President Moon Jae-in's remarks to thoroughly investigate.

"The remarks came out of distrust of the prosecution's investigation" and "Will there be any inconvenience if the truth is revealed?"

Regarding the fact that candidate Lee Jae-myung requested an interview with President Moon at the Blue House, he said, "There is no way to disclose an issue that will not be met," he said.

In the midst of this, the Democratic Party Committee will convene at 1:30 pm today.

The Party Secretariat is the party's highest decision-making body with the authority to interpret the party constitution and party rules, and will discuss as agenda items 59 and 60 of the special party rules, which are the controversial rules for the election of presidential candidates over the interpretation of invalid votes.

[Ko Yong-jin / Senior Spokesperson for the Democratic Party: Such a process of receiving a voter interpretation…


Valid votes and invalid votes The party


has the authority to interpret this controversy.]

However, it is expected that Lee Nak-yeon's objection will not be accepted.

It is also interpreted to mean that the party committee will secure procedural justification for the invalid vote decision and block the possibility of a runoff vote early.

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