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The strike of urgent interventions, launched Tuesday, is widely followed by the ambulance companies, forcing the prefectures to numerous requisitions, according to the two federations at the origin of this movement, which decided to renew it until Friday evening. .

The ambulance strike starts again for a round.

"The movement will be extended until Friday evening," announced in a statement the National Chamber of Ambulance Services (CNSA) and the National Federation of Medical Mobility (FNMS), whose notice ran from 8:00 am Tuesday.

An ultimatum revealed the day before at the end of the day, which produced its effect: "The gendarmes disembarked during the night to distribute the requisitions to us", indicates to AFP Dominique Hunault, president of the CNSA, affirming that "60% of departments are following suit ".

Most of the prefectures concerned "have taken the decision to requisition the ambulances" in order to be able to continue to provide urgent medical transport at the request of the Samu, he adds.

These requisitions to be renewed every 12 hours, "we preferred to immediately extend the movement" so that the authorities "know what to expect", he explains, now hoping to be able to defend his claims to the Ministry of Health, but also Matignon.

The two federations are demanding the implementation of the agreement on the organization and prices of ambulance guards, which they signed at the end of 2020 with the Health Insurance after more than three years of negotiations, but including the implementing decree still hasn't appeared.

At the same time, they are worried about the proposed law on the "valuation of firefighters", about to be adopted in Parliament and which "introduces major risks" from their point of view.

Their grievances are aimed in particular at the possibility of "directly assigning a firefighter crew (...) while the emergency organization plans to call on paramedics as a priority", thus offering "unlimited funding" to the former, to the detriment of the latter. .

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