Go hand in hand to embark on a new journey of high-quality human development——Interpretation of the keynote speech delivered by President Xi Jinping at the 15th Summit of the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity

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Question: walk hand in hand, the development of new high-quality open human journey - President Xi keynote at the summit COP15 "the Convention on Biological Diversity," the interpretation of speech

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  "Ecological civilization is the historical trend of the development of human civilization. Let us join hands, uphold the concept of ecological civilization, stand at the height of being responsible for future generations, and jointly build a community of life on earth, and jointly build a clean and beautiful world!"

  On the afternoon of the 12th, Chinese President Xi Jinping attended the 15th Conference of the Parties Leaders Summit of the Convention on Biological Diversity held in Kunming in a video mode and delivered a keynote speech, demonstrating the responsibility of the leaders of the major powers and the demeanor of the host country, and advocating the building of life on earth. The banner of the community injects confidence into the construction of global ecological civilization, points out the direction for the future global biodiversity governance, and draws a blueprint for jointly building a clean and beautiful world, which will surely have a major and far-reaching world impact.

Build a home together: President Xi Jinping first mentioned three visions for building a "home on earth"

  "The international community should strengthen cooperation, think in one heart, and work hard to build a community of life on earth." In his speech, President Xi Jinping emphasized the concept of building a community of life on earth, and for the first time proposed three "home planets". Vision:

  ——Construct a home earth where man and nature coexist harmoniously;

  ——To build a home for the earth in which the economy and the environment advance together;

  ——To build an earth home for the common development of all countries in the world.

  Participants believed that President Xi Jinping’s speech was a high-end and profound connotation. The vision of building a “home on the earth” is from the three dimensions of the relationship between man and nature, the relationship between economy and environmental protection, and global cooperation. A comprehensive explanation of the question of the times.

  "Global biodiversity has deteriorated rapidly in recent years. If countries in the world do not make efforts to change consumption and production methods, and do not become more aware of the protection of biodiversity and the safety of the ecosystem, we will face a global disaster." Egyptian President Sisi said.

  "Chairman Xi Jinping's speech profoundly interpreted the theme of COP15, pointed out the direction for global ecological environment governance, and is highly compatible with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and embodies Chinese philosophy and Chinese wisdom." said Huang Runqiu, Minister of China's Ministry of Ecology and Environment.

  Participants believe that President Xi Jinping’s speech reflects China’s determination to work with the international community to promote global biodiversity governance and jointly build a clean and beautiful world, and demonstrates China’s responsibility as a participant, contributor, and leader in the construction of global ecological civilization. .

  “Chairman Xi Jinping’s speech emphasized the importance of harmonious coexistence between man and nature.” Elizabeth Murema, Executive Secretary of the Secretariat of the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity, praised China’s leadership in global biodiversity governance and its contribution to the promotion of Efforts in multilateral cooperation in related fields.

  Leaders of many countries and heads of international organizations thanked President Xi Jinping for personally promoting biodiversity conservation in the video speech, thanked China for convening and hosting the Kunming Conference and promoting related issues, and called on all countries to unite and take pragmatic actions to strengthen global biodiversity. Sexual protection and ecological environment management.

  French President Macron thanked President Xi Jinping for "personally promoting the issue of protecting biodiversity."

Macron stated that "our generation must promote the formation of synergy, form a development model centered on nature, and insist on protecting and restoring the ecosystem."

  "China's hosting of this conference provides a good opportunity to share the idea of ​​how to maximize the harmonious coexistence of man and nature." Russian President Putin said that protecting the ecological environment is the common task of all mankind, and it is difficult for any country to achieve its goals alone.

Discuss the big plan: President Xi Jinping proposed the "Four Initiatives" to start a new journey of high-quality development of mankind

  "For our common future, we must walk hand in hand to embark on a new journey of high-quality human development." President Xi Jinping's speech was far-sighted and put forward four proposals around the proposition of how mankind should build a community of life on earth together-

  "Led by the construction of ecological civilization, coordinate the relationship between man and nature";

  "Driven by green transformation to help global sustainable development";

  "Focusing on the well-being of the people and promoting social fairness and justice";

  "On the basis of international law, maintain a fair and reasonable international governance system."

  Participants noted that these four initiatives are in the same line as the “Global Development Initiative” proposed by President Xi Jinping at the General Debate of the 76th UN General Assembly in September, and further describe the “roadmap” for high-quality development in the future. The society has provided a "Chinese solution" in response to current challenges.

  "The high-quality development of mankind should and must be the development of a harmonious relationship between man and nature, a green and low-carbon development, an ever-enhancing development of people's well-being and social fairness and justice, and a more equitable and reasonable development of the international governance system." Huang Runqiu said. .

  Zhang Yongsheng, director of the Institute of Ecological Civilization of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said that the four initiatives put forward by President Xi Jinping are the wisdom of China's determination to explore the path of sustainable development, and the expansion and deepening of China's concept of sustainable development.

China has proposed ecological civilization, new development concepts, and green transformation. This is based on an attitude of being responsible to all mankind, and has found a better road to human development from its own practice and traditional wisdom.

  Gao Jixi, director of the Satellite Environment Application Center of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment of China, said that President Xi Jinping’s proposal takes into account all aspects of fairness and justice, including fairness between man and nature, fairness between various countries, fairness between contemporary and future generations, and is particularly important for developing countries.

  Inge Anderson, executive director of the United Nations Environment Programme, has repeatedly called on "the international community to mobilize various resources to support the protection of biodiversity in developing countries."

She said: "China's combination of economic growth and biodiversity conservation has provided the world with beneficial experience."

Shared civilization: Ecological civilization is the historical trend of the development of human civilization

  President Xi Jinping's speech specifically mentioned the trip to and return of the Yunnan elephants, emphasizing that "China will continue to promote the construction of ecological civilization, and unswervingly implement the new development concepts of innovation, coordination, greenness, openness, and sharing, and build a beautiful China."

  Participants said that the 17-month excursion of more than a dozen elephants is like a mirror, reflecting the deepening of China's ecological civilization concept and the remarkable results of ecological construction.

  "China has a tradition of respecting nature, and this wisdom has been consistent from Confucius to the current Chinese leaders. President Xi Jinping attaches great importance to the harmony between man and nature, and the ecological civilization thought proposed is admirable." Representative of the UNESCO Representative Office in China Xia Zehan thinks.

  "Ecological civilization is the historical trend of the development of human civilization. President Xi Jinping's words are of great significance." Zhang Yongsheng said that in the past, some Western countries equated civilization with industrial civilization and economic development.

The green development proposed by President Xi Jinping is to redefine development from the perspective of ecological civilization, and to think about issues in a broader and longer-term perspective.

  Nigel Toppin, a high-level advocate for climate action at the 26th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, believes that China’s concept of ecological civilization will play a role in promoting multilateralism in the protection of global biodiversity and environmental protection. Important role.

  "Any action that brings these beautiful Chinese thoughts (ecological civilization) to a larger stage is very helpful. We have a very strong need to embed the economy in the ecology, not the other way around. In other words, the economy Must serve the ecology, not the ecology serves the economy.” Toppin said.

Join in the grand event: From commitment to action, build a clean and beautiful world together

  Leading a new journey of global biodiversity governance, President Xi Jinping put forward the eye-catching "China Action"——

  Take the lead in investing 1.5 billion yuan to establish the Kunming Biodiversity Fund; speed up the construction of a natural protected area system with national parks as the main body; build a carbon peak, carbon neutral "1+N" policy system...

  Participants generally believed that the Chinese leaders proposed a precise "road map" for action, setting a good example for the world.

  "China is not staying on political commitments, but has deployed specific actions. This is exciting news for the world, especially developing countries." Xia Zehan said.

  Cheng Zhiqiang, deputy secretary-general of the Global Energy Internet Development Cooperation Organization, said that as the chairman of COP15, China has established the Kunming Biodiversity Fund to provide a solution to the financial difficulties faced by biodiversity protection in the world, especially in developing countries.

  The initiative of the Chinese leader resonated widely among the delegates.

  Many heads of state have also issued initiatives to promote biodiversity conservation and pledged to take action.

  "Biodiversity protection requires sufficient financial support, whether it is public or private investment, we must work towards the goals set by the biodiversity protection framework." Macron introduced the capital investment in France and hopes that there are various funds in the world. Take action to protect and manage biodiversity in a sustainable way.

  "The protection of the health of nature concerns all countries and even all mankind." Putin said that Russia will take action to support international cooperation on urgent issues such as the protection of animal and plant populations, the atmosphere and water resources, and it must take care of development. The needs of countries and least developed countries.

  In order to effectively deal with climate change, in September 2020, China proposed a "dual carbon" goal; in September this year, China announced that it would no longer build overseas coal-fired power projects; at this summit, President Xi Jinping announced that "building a carbon peak , Carbon Neutral "1+N" Policy System" Major Initiative...

  Participants believed that the series of major measures announced by China demonstrated China's courage, wisdom and responsibility as a responsible power and boosted global confidence.

  "China's "dual carbon" goal is very impressive. We want to witness and learn from China's successful experience in scientific and technological innovation, which is very important for developing countries," said Claudio Garrido, Chile's consul general in Shanghai.

  Keep going, and the future can be expected.

  Looking back on the road, unremitting efforts have achieved the path of biodiversity conservation with Chinese characteristics; facing the future, China will continue to work hand in hand with the international community to realize the beautiful vision of harmonious coexistence between man and nature, and jointly build a better world.

(Reporters Xiong Zhengyan, Yu Wenjing, Wang Linlin, Gao Jing, Han Liang, Wu Yue, Cheng Xin, Pan Jie, Hu Lu)

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