We now know a little more about the death of Gabby Petito.

On Tuesday, the Teton County, Wyoming, medical examiner presented the findings of the autopsy, which had already called the death "homicide" in late September.

According to Brent Blue, the young woman was killed "by strangulation".

According to forensic analyzes, the death dates back to "three or four weeks" before the discovery of his remains on September 19.

🔴Breaking: Gabby Petito died by "strangulation", it is about a "homicide", announces the medical examiner of Teton county, Brent Blue #GabbyPetito pic.twitter.com/QGELJIk60r

- Philippe Berry (@ptiberry) October 12, 2021

Gabby Petito and her fiancé Brian Laundrie crisscrossed the United States all summer in a converted van, documenting their trip on Instagram and YouTube under the hashtag #vanlife.

But after Brian Laundrie returned alone at the wheel of the couple's van on September 1, the girl's parents reported her missing to authorities.

Her fiancé, who is walled in silence, has not been seen since September 13.

The young woman's body was discovered on September 19 in a Wyoming national park (see timeline in box).

An arrest warrant was issued against Brian Laundrie by the American justice at the end of September, but not directly in connection with the death of Gabby Petito: Brian Laundrie was charged with bank fraud, for having used the credit card of the young woman after his death.

Chronology of the case

  • August 12:

    Utah police intervene after an altercation they call a "mental health crisis" and not a domestic incident.

    The young woman, in tears, explains that she scratched her fiancé, and that the latter "grabbed" her face.

  • August 17:

    Brian Laundrie takes the plane alone and returns to Florida.

    According to his lawyer to collect some business and empty a storage room to save money to continue the trip.

  • August 23:

    Laundrie takes the plane and joins Gabby Petito in Utah.

  • August 27:

    Gabby Petito is last seen alive at a restaurant in Jackson, Wyoming.

    Witnesses say Brian Laundrie was angry and raised his voice.

  • August 30:

    Gabby Petito's mother receives an SMS sent from her daughter's cell phone saying "No network in Yosemite", a national park in California more than 1,300 km from Wyoming.

    This text was probably not sent by Gabby Petito.

  • September 1:

    Brian Laundrie returns to Florida alone in the couple's van.

  • September 1:

    Gabby Petito


    family reports her as a missing person.

    On September 17, Brian Laundrie's parents indicate that they have not seen their son since September 13

  • September 19:

    Gabby Petito's body is found near a Wyoming campsite, 75 km from the restaurant where it was seen.

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