Displays unique pieces and collectibles that highlight the spirit of the "Afghan people"

Expo .. "Rahimi" carries treasures and a message from the land of his ancestors (video)

  • The exhibits show the originality of the Afghan civilization.

    Photography: Najeeb Mohamed

  • Muhammad Omar Rahimi: "Our message through (Expo 2020 Dubai) is to tell the world: Do not forget Afghanistan."


At Expo 2020 Dubai, Muhammad Omar Rahimi presents what he describes as “Afghan treasures” held by families who immigrated from Afghanistan in previous decades, and settled in several destinations around the world, but the heritage of the ancestral land remained in its consciousness, so it preserved some of it.

This rare space, which Rahimi called “the pavilion of the Afghan people,” includes unique pieces from the 12th century, and collectibles that highlight the culture and spirit of his country, which bear witness to its authenticity and civilization, including jewelry, artifacts, carpets, traditional clothes, traditional medicine tools, and utensils used in the manufacture of medicines.

Rahimi told "Emirates Today" that the displayed pieces are owned by Afghan immigrants, stressing that this is not the first time to participate in the Expo in the name of the "Afghan people", as they have always attended since the eighties of the last century to spread to the world its message, which is: "Afghanistan opens its doors to the world." .

He believed that not participating in an important international event such as this world fair is a great loss for his country, so he worked hard to attend with great support from the Expo 2020 Dubai administration.

Rahimi, who immigrated to Austria in the seventies of the last century, has worked for decades to collect artifacts from his country, which he puts in a permanent exhibition in Vienna, and these pieces belong to people who decided not to miss the important Emirati edition of the Expo.

In the Afghan Pavilion, located in the Opportunity District, the visitor's eye is located on a collection of artifacts, crafted to perfection comparable to the most beautiful sculptures in the world.

Among the most prominent pieces are a pure bronze “hon and pestle” inscribed with Kufic script that was used for medicinal purposes since the 12th century, as well as a collection of rare heritage swords and daggers from the 17th century, as well as women’s belts made of silk and copper adorned with Arabic calligraphy and other clothing, jewelry and carpets.

Rahimi pointed out that the exhibits show the authenticity of Afghan civilization: "We want to talk to the world away from politics. Our culture and history bear witness to our country, which now needs to open up to the world," expressing his hope that the pavilion will attract visitors to "Expo 2020 Dubai" to see for themselves Afghanistan and its heritage. Its ancient history.

He added, "I thank the UAE and the Dubai government, which allowed us to participate in this prominent global event."

Rahimi stated that he participated in previous Expos in China, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Kazakhstan, South Korea and Italy, adding: “But (Expo 2020 Dubai) is really a special version, and we received great support from the organizers who showed great confidence. We have enabled us to participate on behalf of millions of Afghans around the world.”

He continued, "Our message through (Expo 2020 Dubai) is to tell the world, do not forget Afghanistan."

Culture.. stays

Muhammad Omar Rahimi stated that the displayed pieces are owned by about 15 Afghans who decided to participate in the name of the Afghan people: “Apart from talking about politics and its fluctuations, the constant is that governments change, but the Afghan people, their heritage, culture and history remain forever.”

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