An addict discovers he has cancer after being arrested

The Fujairah Court of Appeal is looking into the case of a young man accused of drug abuse, who was sentenced by the Court of First Instance to two years in prison, and the accused discovered, after conducting the necessary medical examinations for the “Corona” virus, that he had cancer in one of the glands.

The details of the case relate to the arrest of the accused during the periodic examination, where samples taken from him proved that he had used narcotic substances, and he was referred to the Fujairah Prosecution, which charged him with drug use in cases other than those authorized by law.

The accused denied before the judicial authority in previous sessions that he had used narcotic substances, indicating that he had a prescription for treatment of colds issued by an accredited hospital, but the composition of the drugs he took gave an unreal effect in the sample that he submitted for periodic examination, pointing out that he did not take any Narcotics, such as the one mentioned in the examination that caused his arrest.

The accused said that the necessary periodic examinations, after the ruling of the Court of First Instance, represented in detecting infection with the “Covid-19” virus or not, revealed that he had cancer in one of the glands, noting that the medical staff undertook additional examinations to ensure the extent of the disease’s spread. To provide the care, medicines and treatments needed to fight cancer.

The Fujairah Sharia Criminal Court, in his presence, sentenced the accused to two years imprisonment for the accusation against him, after the laboratory proved that his examination sample contained a narcotic substance, and the accused was not satisfied with the court’s ruling, so he appealed to him to request a reduction in the sentence imposed against him, and the Court of Appeal decided to postpone Consider the case to the next session.

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