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October 12, 2021 I work from home forever.

Amazon opens a turning point on the smart working front by recalibrating the previous indications that provided for the return to the office for its employees for three days a week starting from January 2022. The ecommerce giant, recognizing the ongoing complexity of the pandemic, has now decided to take a more flexible approach.

Amazon announced on its blog that it will allow individual directors to decide how often their teams can work remotely.

"We expect there will be teams who will continue to work primarily remotely, others who will work in a combination of remote and office, and still others who will decide that customers are better served with the team that works primarily in the office," says the new. Amazon CEO Andy Jassy in an email to employees that the company shared online. Amazon specifies that most teams will need a few weeks to develop and communicate their respective plans. Once they are ready, Amazon anticipates that they will share the details before January 3, which is the date the company previously set for employees to return to the office.

Amazon has over one million employees around the world, the decision does not concern tasks related to logistics, warehouses and deliveries, where on-site work is strictly necessary.

Instead, the employees of the Seattle office, the main addressee of the decision, amount to about 50,000 units.

What are the moves of the other big US companies?

Among the US tech giants, a month ago Microsoft announced the indefinite postponement of the reopening of its offices.

Even Facebook and Airbnb do not plan to return to the office, while Twitter and LinkedIn will leave the choice to employees, allowing them to work from anywhere.

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