Regarding the situation in Afghanistan where the Islamist Taliban has regained power, an emergency meeting of the G20 summit = summit of 20 major countries was held, and it was confirmed that humanitarian assistance will be provided through UN agencies.

An emergency meeting of the G20 summit on the situation in Afghanistan was held online on the 12th, and a press conference was held after the end of Italy's Prime Minister Mario Draghi.

According to this, each country will provide the necessary humanitarian assistance through UN agencies, promote efforts to respect the rights of women, children and minorities, and relate the Taliban to terrorist organizations. It is said that he confirmed that he would cut off the issue and demand that Afghanistan not be a hotbed of terrorism.

Regarding whether to approve the Taliban's interim administration, Draghi said, "The interim administration is not comprehensive and does not represent the country. In terms of women's rights, it has reverted 20 years ago." He expressed the idea that it should be judged by the actions of the Taliban.

After the Taliban came to power, the assets of the Afghan government in the United States and other countries were frozen, and the economic situation was deteriorating, including a shortage of cash locally.

According to China's state-owned Xinhua News Agency, Foreign Minister Wang Yi, who attended the emergency meeting on behalf of President Xi Jinping, said, "One-sided sanctions should be lifted as soon as possible." Has become clearer.

Acting Foreign Minister Taliban Calls on Western countries for constructive dialogue and cooperation

Meanwhile, Taliban Acting Foreign Minister Muttaki met with ambassadors from Western countries in Qatar, the Middle East, before the emergency meeting of the G20 Summit on the 12th.

According to the Taliban's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Acting Foreign Minister Muttaki said in a meeting that "weakening the government of Afghanistan will have a negative impact on the world as a deterioration of security and economic refugees," and built for the stability of Afghanistan. Demanded dialogue and cooperation.

Most of the participating countries have said they would like to increase humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan by the end of the year.

"The top priority is to pay 500,000 government employees the salaries of the past few months," said Acting Foreign Minister Muttaki, calling for the unfreezing of assets of the Afghan government abroad.

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